We all (parents, professionals, you name it) know the struggle of finding time to train, keep fit, maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family and juggle life. It’s no small feat and it’s no wonder that there is a world-wide obesity problem and why convenience has become an expectation.

I wanted to capture my journey and share my experiences – trying to keep it real and raw and always with humour (because if you can’t laugh about it, you might cry about it!)

On my blog, I like to document all my training, nutrition (if glugging a Coca Cola or beer after your marathon can be described as nutrition?), races and more in my journey with running and ultra-running whilst being a generally busy person. Use it, don't use it!


There is much to learn and motivation to reap from other people. I’ve interviewed people who inspire me and who I believe have some pearls of wisdom to share – have a read! Read more ...


Here you’ll find write ups on great running items and exercise gear I get to try, as well as the things I just love and want to share with you. Hot or not, they work for me! Read more ...


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Latest from the Blog

The Atacama Crossing 2016
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MCT oil – the good kind of oil!
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MCT oil, what is it? So I’d heard about it, but never really knew the benefits or how to use it properly. Having done some research, and having had the lekker FAITHFUL TO... Read More