MCT oil – the good kind of oil!

MCT oil – the good kind of oil!

MCT oil, what is it?

So I’d heard about it, but never really knew the benefits or how to use it properly. Having done some research, and having had the lekker FAITHFUL TO NATURE crew send me some (have you checked out their online shop? It’s awesome!) I am going to implement it into my training schedule.

This is what I’ve learnt: MCT oil is plant source oil made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). Medium chain triglycerides are a special kind of fat. These triglycerides are quite unique in their chemical structure in that they bypass the regular digestion: intestines, to liver to, blood. Instead, these fats are digested fast and easily.  They are absorbed right away and taken to the liver, where they are used directly for glucose. Similar to the process of simple sugar/carbohydrates absorption. It’s fast and can be converted to ENERGY like immediately! This is why it’s great for endurance athletes. It is also why some endurance athletes carry MCT oil on their long rides, runs, etc. Thanks CotterCrunch for the details.

So, I began using it initially as a substitute (great for scrambled eggs, adding to salads, etc.) and the past week I’ve just been having a spoonful after my breakfast in the morning. It doesn’t taste like much, just oily so have a slug of tea to wash it down with. The difference has been great – tying in with my growing fitness, I’m feeling SUPER!

Get yours at the Faithful to Nature online shop.


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