Name: Shelley Fleur Bolle

Age and that stuff: 1984 baby! Live in Cape Town, ZAR.

Offspring: Two crazy hobbits.

Current running style: I am wholly a trail snob, though I am sometimes 'forced' to run road. Trail is a slow but steady bottom half of the pack. Can be quicker in race atmosphere. I heel strike and I love downhills. I'm known to windmill on the downhills and make squeals of excitement as I go full throttle on the downs. Upcoming races that I’m taking part in can be seen here.

Current goal: Karloof 100 and waiting to hear if I am in on the OCAL Global charity run from Pretoria to Cape Town - both 2018 events.

Why do I run? Head space, fitness, it is my connection to nature. Nothing makes me feel more alive and more free than running through the mountains with the wind at my back, the sun on my face, breathing in the beautiful fynbos aroma. It's enough to make a grown woman weep. After I run, I come home a better person. If you're not running, why aren't you?!

Favourite haunts: Constantia Nek, Deer Park, Pipe Track, Silvermine, St. James Peak, Muizenberg Peak, Muizenberg Beach, Peers Cave and dunes, Table Mountain, Tokai – to name a few!