Name: Shelley Fleur Bolle (nee Spires)

Age: 32 (15 August 1984)

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Diet: Always striving to eat healthier, but believe that cravings are important to meet.

Occupation: NGO sector - currently Marketing and Stakeholder Relations Officer for a Literacy Trust in South Africa.

Offspring: Two crazy hobbits.

Current running style: I prefer trail, though sometimes forced to run road (when on my lonesome). Trail is a slow but steady bottom half of the pack. Can be quicker in race atmosphere. Upcoming races that I’m taking part in can be seen here.

Current goal: 4Deserts Namibia 2019

Favourite haunts: Constantia Nek, Deer Park, Pipe Track, Silvermine, St. James Peak, Muizenberg Peak, Muizenberg Beach, Peers Cave and dunes, Table Mountain, Tokai – to name a few!